Dream, Play
and Storytelling
Stop running around in circles.
Start making progress.
Progress is moving towards a set goal. Progress is experiment. Progress is trial and error. Progress is knowing that you only have 1% chance of making it work but still persisting to achieve your goal.
Progress is
Dream, Play and Storytelling.

Hello, I'm Kevin Yang and I write about how to make progress in design, app development and business.

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Dream gives you endless possibilities. Dream ignites the flame that you were born to have. Dream is the compass of your progress. It orients you in the right direction, and establishes all the necessary steps you need to achieve your goal. Dream is the blueprint of your action.
Play is execution. Create things. Break things. Bend the rules. Trial and error. Enjoy the failure. Enjoy the success. Experiment until it works. Play is ignoring what the conventional says. Play is the energy and passion you use to make progress towards your goal.
Storytelling is describing your progress out loud. Storytelling allows you to reflect on what worked and what didn't work. Storytelling is the trophy of your hard work. Storytelling is the certificate of your goal. You can frame it, share it, promote it, or archive it - but most importantly, storytelling is an inscription of your achievements so that you can live with no regrets.

Progress Bear is where I show you how to make progress through Dreaming, Playing and Storytelling.

I make progress by creating and discovering opportunities.

If you're stuck and have no idea where you're going, let me offer you the suggestion to start making.