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How to keep yourself motivated to keep treading on your project

Jun 09

Make something so fast that you can get to your imagined result in the shortest amount of time possible. Don't make it for your users, your friends, nor your family. Just you.

As a maker, there's no other happiness than using something you built and knowing how wonderful it works. That sense of self gratification is just irreplaceable.


If you find it good to use, you'll likely talk to people about it in a very natural way. You'll have passion and excitement. And honesty and genuine enthusiasm are personal qualities you cannot replace.

People can keep giving you feedback, but if you don't have a close connection with what you're making, it's hard to find that passion to keep on treading.

What if you find it hard to use? You can always improve it further, or ditch it and move on to your next idea. The best part is you don't need to get permission from anybody. You have total freedom to decide at any instant and produce the change on your own terms.

And what's the least amount of effort to get to your desired result? It's up to you to decide. You have to figure out your process.

Experiment to find the skills and tools you need. Find examples of how other people did it and try to replicate their process. Eventually you'll have a favorite set of tools to use. Then use them continuously to hone your skills. During the experimentation phase, you'll also likely to have developed your own standard of the quality of work that you find satisfactory. That's the sweet spot.

As a maker, I have a high pride on how something works. If something doesn't work the way I had imagined, I'd drop it.

Don't be afraid to ditch your work, but be afraid to spend too long on it and lose motivation.

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